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Florida Arrest Records

If you reside in Florida then you might be very interested to know that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Division of Criminal Justice Information Services does an amazing job of helping individuals find information that they need in relation to arrest records as well as inmate records and sex offender records.  This means that you can conduct a search of Florida arrest records in order ensure yourself that you are fully aware of who is around your home, or possibly even in your home. There are a lot of individuals that do not realize that arrest records are public knowledge.  This is true in Florida as well as long as the records have not be sealed or expunged by the court system.  That means that you can conduct a search on this website, in order to determine if you are surrounded by individuals that may put you, or your family, in danger.  You need to know this information if you want to protect your family and you want to remain aware of who your children may be communicating with.  Now that you are on this site you can simply start your search. You need to realize that all criminal justice agencies throughout the state of Florida are required to forward their arrest records to a central location in the state.  Once all of the information has been sent to this central location, it is uploaded into the system so that it is available for public access.  This is why you are able to look up people within the system when you are trying to determine if someone you have come into contact with has ever been in trouble with the law. Keep in mind that this person does not have to live in Florida anymore.  As long as you know when they lived in Florida, you can conduct a search on those years.  Taking the time to do this will allow you locate possible concerns that may have happened years ago.  However, it really does not matter when it happened you just need to know that it did happen.  This is often the case with sexual offenders.  If you have children you probably do not care when the sexual abuse took place.  You just need to know that the person is a predator and you need to make sure that your children are safe. If you are concerned about where you live, or where you are thinking about moving to, you will want to spend some time looking up your neighbors.  Just make sure that you enter as much information as possible in order to get accurate results.